Saturday, July 14, 2007

Waging war against:

Acp well its war 2 them our allies (the umas) asked if we can help we beat them once a few days ago....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

WOW wikipedia???....:shocked:

wow if you search club penguin on wikipedia theres a little post that says wars and armies, only armies that are posted are: Romans Vikings Secret Agents and NACHOS! wow :shocked: thats somthing...thought they would have ACP or Uma. time to go crazy :twisted:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Im making movies yay

ok so i downloaded hypercam2 and another 1. Wetsaw how do u put em in youtube? theres 1 vid i alredy am making right now at 10:03 p.m with shadow its a WW2 one LOL i was bored ok?

Monday, June 4, 2007

(YPP) Puzzle Pirates

well now that pirates of teh caribbean came out and i watched it =) i got obsessed with YPP evry1 PLAY IT even if u dont like it try it o and go to midnight or hunter oceans, in midnight add tommoonblad to ur hearties list and in hunter add wolfsword

Monday, May 14, 2007


either go search sherwood or go to meet at emerald server at chat room 6 ok? go to a different chat room type /join6 (for room 6) /join5 (for room 5) and so on ok? to teleport pres /teleport1 or /teleport2 or 3 and 4 ok

Thursday, May 10, 2007

War Council

ok now that some of us will go to blizzard wel have to search for those 8 (or 12 counting my old war buddies under the rule of JamesBond1 nacho leader)and yea so anyone who tells some nachos will be promoted a bit and the ranks again are: Corporal, Private, Seargent, Lieutenant, Captain, Officer, Novice General, General, Surpreme General, and Leader ok?

Monday, April 23, 2007

The "Game"

Well... i have about a 50% chance 2 make this game for FREE =) but the other % i will have to pay about 30 to $60 a month...i think thats why they hav teh membership stuff huh? anyways i got the mods and sub mods all generals r normal mods and all captains and above r sub mods which r peopl who rite down any peopl cheatin bad wrds, etc. There will be a login or mak ur own account and so on ur pass i think il put has 2 be longer than 4 words? and you CAN hav de same name of an account as a different person BUT it has to have 2 numbers at the end and mine will be tomwolf without spaces so if u see a dif 1 then its not me... itl probably take about 1 to 2 and a half months depends i might need other nachos to help me iv got the weapons set as i said its hand to hand and thers bronze weps iron weps steel weps mithril weps adanamante weps and then dragon weps AND I NEED som pics about solders and stuff SO...if u can draw good plez tell me ok? so i may put them on it AND unlike som games wher u can kill any1 anywhere therl be a SafeHouse or "kingdom or Town" wher ur safe from monsters and other players but if ur outside of the town or kindome or city u can stil be safe. Im thinking about levels i think il start them from lvl 5 and end at level 250 (big lol) BUT if ur outside ofa city or town u can only attack players who r 10 to 25 lvls below u so lvl 200s cnt own u lol. And i will allow All Nachos and ur friends (u can choos 4 of ur friends from anywere) to play it and u guys r going to start from lvl 10 (lol u guys get a heads up) the noob weapon lvl 5s start with will be a short sword a chainmail a round shield, 10 potions, a shortsword and a lvl 1 magic spell (3 kinds of lvl 1 spells 1 support magic: strength up spell 3 lvl 1 damage spells: 1 ice 1 fire and 1 thunder spell, and 1 cure spell which heals 50 hp u start with 100 hp and highest is 100,000) and wen u make ur account if u dont want a shortsword u may get a hunters training bow. There wont be a story line so u can do watever and make UR OWN KINGDOM ther will be no membership i think if its free so yea. the key movements will be noobish but easy to handle u wil move with the arrow keys and u will either make magic or attack with space (with bow u must load arrows from items pack and then press space twice) i think 10 servers will be enuff? but each server will have 25 rooms each room will hold 1,000 players so 25,000 peopl in each server (i dont think itl get that full lol) if u make a kingdome or liv in 1 u have to MAKE taxes to make ur kingdom better and pay taxes if u dnt own 1. BUT u must be a fair ruler if ur taxes r high or u dont rule fairly YOUR people have the option to over throw u or rebel (MODS u CAN NOT ban these people unless ther doing it for nothing then if that does happen locate me in the "Wolf" server in the Kenhe castle (main castle) and i personally will march my 1,000 man army (or less i wont take all of my army) and take down that un neccesary rebellion (the army at my kingdome are all NPCS non playable characters and they r all same lvl they r fighting so if thers alot of lvl 250s ther lvl 250 if thers a lvl 5 1 is lvl 5 k? You guys can join my army (not the NPCS) or make ur own kingdom and make ur own its ok to have fun wars somtimes. BUT you also hav peasents or peopl that hlp u make food (u need food to keep ur troops and peopl alive) mine for metals, cook, and join ur army. If u do make ur kingdome u will start with 750 NPCS and 500 will be ur solders and they will grow and so on. u MAY NOT copy other peopls army names u can choos to have banners on all ur troops of ur kingdome i will put a flag of mine =). my army r called the Wolf Riders (they actually ride horses lol) for horses u MUST grow them and feed them they can die as well as any other person NON NPCS dont need food. well this is alot lol. o and TRADE is also will be big to keep ur kingdome nice and powerful u can trade food stock Money wich will be calld Nols (evry player starts with 1,000 Nols) and animals r also for trade, weapons, and even ideas the worlds will be decently big (depending on how much info my computer can take wich is sorta alot) and yea. other thing i will add and maybe not all the things i said here may not be in the game man...this is long

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New recruits and troop morale

one thing iv noticed is in our new recruits is that ther really high in heart as in we hav 23 nachos and a new squad para troopers led by surfur1011 and our recruits r: specialthing,shadow,surfur1011,druppy light thes guys show alot of strength and heart Treat em well and teach em somthing lol o and thers now adnvance trainging so u can get help on leading, wars,and medical assisstants and the current peopl taking that is shgadow and surfur so yea....and NEED people to enter squads that way we can get more organized and make us less clumsy and druppy is a ex-uma dont worry hes come clean...wat surprised me tho is that he thot i wud torture him for being an uma (lol) well i didnt...but he said dat pink does tho so yea...(off topic lol) and yea im bored yay and remember 8 things to have in life 1.Truthfullness (no one is perfect so its ok if you lie...even i do) 2.Courage (even to do small things like tell parents u did somthing rong lol) 3.Heart 4.Oppress the evil and serve the weak (never strike som1 weaker than u) 5.Always tret people like u want to be treated 6.Have a balance of discipline and kindness to all things 7.If you have leadership in u use it well and be fair to evry1 (i dont know if i have leadership in me... lol) 8.Always choose the best choice even if u have to sacrifice yourself for the benefeits of many others (this is wen ur a leader)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

squads platoons battalions divisions....etc.....

k look we gota get a bit more organized lol... k squadds and we also need divisions i already got some captains of thes squads in mind and guess what?>... NEW RANKS!!! yay here they r thers: squad captain 1st class medical cpt. 1st class, private 1st class, major general, Senior officer, colonel (pronounced kernal) and officer 1st class and about those squads.... ther will be about 3-4 because of our numbders which r around 17-21 i will also post names for thes squads but squad leadrs can change them here r the squads: 1.infantry 1st division (only for captains and obove and i will lead this one) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2)reconassiance 2nd division (only for recon) 1.captain:bighead14 2.roller005 3.terminatra 4. 5. 3. multipurpose plattoon (for quick missions patrols etc.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 4. medical battalion 4th division (lead by wetsaw) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. here is an example 2 getting organized ORANGE is NACHOS black is enemy

Friday, March 16, 2007

IM BAK (sorry for being gone lol)

look not banned k? and none of those rumors r true the reason for my absence is because i got a C+ on a grade (i usually get a's and b's) and so my parents told me that i couldnt get on for 4 days and in june i will go to vacation so i will hav to go 2 cafe's wit computers so i wont be on as much kk there.....ALSO if im gone for a long time im either: really sick, on a famliy thing, or grounded ='(

Sunday, March 4, 2007

New uniform?

well jm asked me alot of times we should get a new uniform any ideas? or we can get the old one remember josh the life jacket green beenie and gogles

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Movies (no popcorn ='( tear tear lol)

this 1 is for lord joshua for the 2 weeks rite? yea so....uh wen u wana make de movie and like whos gona be in it

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007


people umas now kno from my site look make a blogspot acount and then go on my site then i can exclude them (the only way) and i can make another kk this is urgent

Friday, February 2, 2007

club penguin stuff

as the sign says dis post bout cp anytihng about it